COVID-19 ACTION PLAN We, at Video Accessory Corp., want all of our customers and business partners to know how much we appreciate them by sharing our plans for dealing with the Corona (COVID-19) virus. To begin, we are a very small company. That requires that all of us wear many different hats to meet our business needs and we all enjoy this diversity. This also gives us the flexibility to react quickly to the needs of our customers and partners or in the event of an emergency. But, like any business, we need some plans in place just in case. Currently, our plan regarding the Covid-19 virus is very simple: 1. We are open and plan to be until either we are mandated to shelter in place or one of us is affected, no matter how remotely, by the virus. This is our common sense policy. Anyone who feels the need to self-quarantine is welcome to at any time. 2. Should we be mandated to shelter in place or feel the need to stay home we all have remote access to VAC. 3. Other than deliveries we do not have public access to our facilities and all precautions are being taken for items received via UPS, Federal Express and USPS. None of us have done any traveling internationally or domestically in the last six months. 4. Our manufacturing capabilities are limited only by our suppliers. Each order received is given the same importance it was before the Corona virus outbreak. Should there be any delay or breakdown in our supply-chain we will keep you advised but our suppliers have assured us they are working to prevent any delays. 5. Should there be any change to our simple action plan we will advise you via email. Or, you can check our website for updates. We are prepared to adapt. Thank you very much for your business. This is a challenging time for all Americans but we at VAC believe we will weather this storm. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions.