[16-111-116] 1X16 Unbalanced Mono Audio DA, Unity Gain

The 12VAC Brick™ is designed to function properly with an input power of 11-13VAC.

The Brick will not operate from a DC voltage. A 2.1 mm P5 style connector is used for the power input.

If the input voltage is a grounded system, the center pin of the P5 is the power connection and the barrel is the ground side.

All ProSeries units are shipped with a 12VAC, 600mA floating power supply that eliminates any ground loops through the power supply connection.

Pricing per $413.00


  • Unbalanced mono audio distribution amplifier
  • Unity gain
  • RCA connectors
  • 12VAC with P5 power connector


Group ProSeries
# Channels 1
Inputs/Channel 1
Outputs/Channel 16
Input 1 Signal Type Unbalanced Audio
Input 1 Coupling DC
Input Configuration 1 Standard 75 Ohms
Gain Configuration Global
Input 1 Connector RCA
Output 1 Signal Format Unbalanced Audio
Output 1 Coupling DC
Output 1 Connectors RCA
Power Connector P5
Input Voltage 1 12 VAC
Height 2.9
Width 4.4
Depth 2.2
Low Operating Temp (C) -40
High Operating Temp (C) 50
Power Bypass NO
Mounting Two 6-32 Inserts



Power Supply

This unit has a very basic linear power supply with a 12 VAC input voltage requirement. A 12 VAC wall transformer (120 VAC input) is supplied with each unit. By using the wall transformer the power system provides ground isolation between the input power and the video circuits. The power supply uses a half wave rectifier design to develop the internal positive and negative voltage rails for the active operational amplifiers.


The package for this unit consists of a solid epoxy block. The internal electronics are assembled and tested before the encapsulation process. During the encapsulation the printed circuit board(s) are placed in a five sided box made of RTV mold parts. The cavity is filled with epoxy and the lid (top) of the mold is inserted. The curing process takes 24 hours. This type of package seals the electronics so water and contamination cannot affect the internal electronics. This type of package also provides superior resistance to shock and vibration compared to a metal or plastic box enclosure.